Too much time on my hands

We were sitting around last night, avoiding the work we’re supposed to be doing when Kevin reminded me that hockey starts next month, which reminded me of the October release of the MacFarlane figure of my beloved Simon

"Woo hoo!  The Simon Gagne figure is coming out next month!" I shouted and rushed to the website to show Kevin the final painted sculpture wherein I discovered the news I might have known in July if I checked more frequently:  That poor Simon has been bumped out of Series 13 into Series 14.  Not scheduled to be released until April!  April people!  2007! 

Oh, Todd MacFarlane, you broke my heart!  Why Todd, why?!

Does this disappoint Simon?  Does an Olympian, and 7th overall goal-scorer of 2006 get upset over something like this I wonder?  Does he think, "This wouldn’t happen to Peter Forsberg?"  Seriously, I would really like to know. 

6 thoughts on “Too much time on my hands

  1. I’ve never even heard of the guy, and now you’ve got me wondering too. We could write and ask him, but it might bum him out even more if he’s already upset.

  2. Well, here is the thing. I cheer for the Philadelphia team because that’s where Kev’s from and I like hockey, but not enough to follow two teams. Besides, I can’t get behind a team who refuses to accept the fact that the plural of “leaf” is “leaves”. Still, I feel marginally bad about not cheering for a team from my own country. In my demented little head cheering for a Canadian on an American team somehow makes it okay. I discovered Simon after my original pick (because he’s from around Toronto), Keith Primeau, was knocked out for the season by a concussion. But I think I have enough love in my heart to go around if Keith skates this year.
    Who cares right? The point is, I decided to email Simon and ask him (hi, I’m a huge dork):
    Bonjour Simon,
    I am writing to ask you a very silly question. I have been eagerly awaiting the release of your MacFarlane figurine next month and just discovered it has been delayed until April! I personally was shocked and appalled about this. I expect that you, as an Olympian and the 7th overall goal-scorer in the NHL have more important things to worry about than this (good luck with the contract negotiation!) but I was wondering if this bummed you out at all? Hopefully not, but if it did, at least it gives us something to look forward to in April next year.
    Here’s to a great season! Can’t wait to see you on the ice. Have a great day!
    Votre ami à Toronto,

  3. Sadly I haven’t heard anything yet. It was my first fan mail and I made a crucial error. I used the masculine form of ami, so he probably thinks I’m some dumbass teenage boy. I should have identified myself as a hot, blond mid-20s sex kitten!

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