This image represents the last five years of my life


Oh yes, the first cup of espresso from the espresso maker given to me by the firm on the occasion of my five year anniversary – in a tea cup because I don’t actually have any of those teeny tiny espresso cups and saucers.  Read into that what you will.

I know, I know, everyone was hoping I’d forfeit the gift, sacrifice myself for the good of all the upcoming five year anniversaries.  Yeah, me too, but maybe we should face facts here dear co-workers.  Our firm is never going to give us an iPod.  We work in an alarm clock kind of operation.  So the espresso maker it is.

I think instead of the ubiquitous office candy dish, I’ll set this bad boy up on my desk and see what happens. 

One thought on “This image represents the last five years of my life

  1. I say here, here! to setting that bad boy up on your desk.
    Perhaps at breaks and lunch time you could take orders from those who sit around you, and you might even look into getting some small paper espresso cups personalized with your own special logo, and set up a delivery service within your office. I love this idea, and am thinking about adopting it at my office, as well.

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