Audience Participation

Dear Small but Lovely Audience,

Please comment and tell me what you would do if you found your neighbour weeding your garden.  Kevin suggested I run at her screaming with the hammer swinging over my head, then after pausing a moment for thought, said, "No, no.  Run at her with the axe."   

I think that’s pretty good, but what else have you guys got?

8 thoughts on “Audience Participation

  1. Honestly??
    I’d be thankful that I didn’t have to do it myself 😉
    We came home a few weeks ago to find new plants in our front garden. We were so confused, because although they were pretty, neither of us had bought or planted them. Turns out, our neighbour thought the bare spot needed some filling out and took the plant from his own garden and put it in ours.

  2. Oh – but our neighbour isn’t psycho, and is a retired older gentleman who has lived next door for over 50 years… So, we cut him a little slack.
    Now – the neighbour who lives across the street who brought her dog to our lawn to do her business, because THEIR lawn is perfect and ours is more brown then green… for her I may take Evan’s suggestions 😉

  3. I thought of a better idea!
    Wait for your neighbour to be out on the front lawn, reclining in a deck chair, reading the newspaper and drinking lemonade.
    Have Kevin sneak up from behind with a pair of barber’s scissors (if he has a barber pole / barber costume you get extra points) and give them a haircut.

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