Listy List List

On Friday I drew myself up a list of all the tasks that had to get done around here this week.  I showed the list to Leeanne and she said, "That’s quite a list" and I knew then my list was way too ambitious but what can I do?  All that shit has to happen.  I am about halfway through the list at this point, which I think is not bad, since it’s mid-week and I spent half the day on Monday just having fun (renewing my passport/buying stuff for my bike/wandering around in the bookstore/lunch with my friend). 

The bigger problem with the list is that it keeps growing.  There are the things we look around and remember we need to do, you know, like fix that door knob that keeps falling off the closet.  Sure it was like that when we bought this stupid place but wouldn’t it be better if our buyers didn’t see that?  Then there are the things that sort of morph out of other things.  For example, I painted the spare bedroom and touched up the walls in the upstairs hallway and when I cast my gaze over the upper floor did I think, "This looks great Les, good job!"?  No!  I thought, "Wow!  All these doors could really use a fresh coat of paint too!" 

Kev called to get a status report yesterday afternoon just as I backed my ass up into a wet wall for what seemed like the tenth time (although in reality it was only the second).    "I’m tired of painting," I said, and changed the subject.  He came home with a bag containing two things he thought would make me feel better: pretty smelling shampoo and chocolate.  And he said he’d be home at noon today to help –   infinitely more delicious than chocolate!

What do you think?

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