Woman Survives Caulking

This afternoon I recaulked our bathtub. All by myself, no boys.  This task is really not as abominable as I have been lead to believe.  I would not say it’s a fun time but it’s all right.  All you need are a couple scraper/knife things and perhaps, if you have somehow, by the grace of God, managed not to bite your fingernails for the last three weeks, you should get comfortable with the fact that they’re going to be destroyed.  Aside from that friends, I am here to say, "Do not fear the caulk!"  The caulk is OK.

3 thoughts on “Woman Survives Caulking

  1. Ever time I sit in my bathtub I want to re-caulk in there too. I think it’s probably just a better project without a baby in mah bellay… ;P
    Congrats on your accomplishment! Girls can caulk just as good as boys can.

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