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A few months ago I was really set on buying a Victorian but I’m really starting to love these Foursquares which were built around the turn of the 20th century.  As some of the first homes built post-Victoriana, they really represent the shift in society away from the class system that characterized the Victorian era and the movement toward the "modern" middle class home and family structure we are familiar with now.

It’s exciting to look at a city where home prices are so affordable that I can pick a period or a style of architecture I identify with and have the pick of everything that represents it as opposed to just buying whatever we think we can manage the payments on (no offence cute little Toronto house that I live in now).

Here is the listing for this one.

6 thoughts on “Today on MLS

  1. Well, if you keep in mind the words of our real estate agent, the houses may not seem so cute:
    Hamilton? Oh dear GOD. WHY??? You’re joking right? Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Well, I mean, if all you like to do is drink beer and watch football, then I guess it could be all right.
    [Go Ti-Cats! Rah Rah Rah!]

  2. Wow, is this a new service they’re offering? I thought their job was to sell your damn house, not dispense off-the-mark criticism of your personal decisions.
    (Sorry, I gotta go with the Argonauts. I used to sell Big Gulps to Ricky Williams when he was at UT-Austin.)

  3. I am only seeing this now…but i had to say…HOW CUTE IS THAT HOUSE!!??
    Your old agent was probably just upset cause his commission would be lower. LOL!

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