Ixnay on the ickchay itlay

Okay, I gave Chick Lit a fair shot.  I took everyone’s advice and read Something Blue.  I’m sorry ladies, I still don’t care for Chick Lit.  This character Darcy?  She’s an idiot see?  I know I was supposed to warm to her around the mid-point of the book but I could not for the following two reasons (fluffy plot aside): 

No. 1: Darcy herself states that she approached school with a "just get by mentality", believing that she could get whatever she wanted in the world based on her beauty alone.  The author then goes on to have her use two words as narrator – bucolic and gregarious – that I just don’t believe are actually in her vocabulary. 

No. 2: There’s no way someone as shallow as Darcy knows anything about the music of Paul Simon.

Okay, I’m judgemental, but I don’t buy it.  The next Chick Lit novel I find being thrust into my hands by you crazy advocates of the genre is going straight into my fireplace.  Trust me, this will be doing me, you, and the universe at large a big favour.  Don’t test me.  I just had my chimney swept.

What do you think?

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