I’ve been saying lately how I want to be more domestic in the new house.  You know, like bake cakes and put them under the pretty glass dome that someone gave me (so sorry, I forget who, I think it was my mom or perhaps a grandma?) or make lovely soups and stews or giant lasagnas on the weekend.  That kind of thing.  I am not a bad cook if I apply myself and I am an excellent baker (listen, my mom says so, so it MUST be true) but I am lazy.  This must stop. 

Nothing domestic has been happening in my house for weeks on end.  Even less than usual!  We’re just grabbing whatever and eating fast because we’ve been working, working, working on cleaning, purging, re-doing, fixing and general sprucing up.  You know, that has served it’s purpose because our house is in great shape now.  It’s been worth it, yes, but as Leeanne reminded me on Monday, "You can’t put your life on hold."  That comment was in fact related to how I am going out of my mind because all my projects and art supplies are packed up where the ever-loving buyers won’t be offended by them, but it fits in here too.  Why wait to be domestic?  Why not now?  So with that in mind, I roasted a chicken with potatoes and carrots and we had some wine that I bought because I liked its name – Goats do Roam in Villages – with dinner tonight.  So easy but so remarkably good!

We then considered working on the ONE LAST THING that we have do to.  "Just one last thing" is another comment I’ve been making a lot lately.  "I just have to do this one last thing, and then we’re done!"  So far I have done about 500 "one last things" and I’m sure this won’t be the last.  The good thing is, these last few "one last things" are optional and I am just doing them because I am much more Type A than I’d like to let on.  The Nice Real Estate Agent suggested we paint out the wood over our fireplace and we thought that was a good idea because there is really quite a lot of wood in the place.  Although it did seem like a great idea to take on this task after spending the evening finishing our bottle of wine and leisurely perusing my copy of Baking with Julia, in an effort to improve my domesticity, whilst Kevin enhanced his Sudoku skills, we were still quite sober enough to realize it was likely not REALLY such a good idea.  I took the dog for a walk instead and let me tell you that was challenge enough in itself (ie. "Umm, hey Chloe?  What happened to the garbage can that used to be here?).  I intended to share results but here is the before shot instead:


When I got home Kev had tequila shots (my first) waiting. There’s always tomorrow for chores but only one night to enjoy the results of your first tequila shots so with that I must go as I suspect I do not have much more time to craft coherent sentences!

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