The squares were okay though

It’s exceptionally lame how much easier it is to get out of bed at 6:30 on a Saturday than it is during the week when I really need to get up that early.  I tried to go back to sleep from 6:00 – 6:30 then I gave the dog her morning belly rub and accepted the fact that I was awake. 

I got up and did something domestic!  I baked these Cinnamon Chocolate Squares and then I put all the ingredients for potato soup into the crock pot.  Umm, and then I cleaned up the kitchen. 

I had to get all the domesticity out of the way early because we were meeting with an agent in Hamilton at 1:00 to look at some houses.  It was bit discouraging.  Remember the house with the Arts and Crafts porch?  The guy wouldn’t even show it to us because at one point it was being used as a grow house.  Nice!  We looked at another house that we were loving until we discovered that the main bathroom of the house was right off the kitchen.  Total dealbreaker.  The foursquare we had both fallen in love with on the internet was underwhelming, not even a contender really.  Another we looked at needed a ton of work but despite room after room of wallpapered hell we were still excited about it until we noticed that the refrigerator didn’t fit into the kitchen and instead was located in a hallway.  I’m not opposed to work.  In fact, I think we’re actually looking for something we need to work on over a period of time but it has to be the kind of work we can do.  A major remodel just to get the fridge into the kitchen, or moving a bathroom to a proper location or shelling out $10,000 to upgrade knob and tube wiring to 100 amp service is not on.

Of the nine homes we saw, the house on Balmoral is probably the only one I’m keeping on the list.  It needs quite a bit of work.  The main concerns my own poorly trained eye noted were the rotting garage in the back that must come down and some damaged insulbrick at the back that would need to be replaced with siding (but how’s the condition of the house under that crap I wonder).  The chimney is crumbling and would have to be rebuilt.  Fortunately, it is connected to the original coal fireplace which I believe is nonfunctional so, I’m not sure, but perhaps this is not an immediate concern.  I still like this house but I’m not terribly confident about it.  A home inspection would certainly be necessary on this one (I’d get it for any house but especially one like this) and as silly as this sounds it’s the kind of place I’d really want my dad to take a look at before I could make a decision.

Too soon to have a sleepless night over this situation but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little panic building.

What do you think?

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