A photographer is coming tomorrow to take pictures of our house.  The photos will be made into colour brochures that are left here for potential buyers to take with them so they can remember how fabulous (hopefully) they thought our place was.  They’ll also be made into flyers with a little description of our house and distributed to 5000 homes in the area.  The flyer is also an invitation to the open house. 

We spent today doing some "one last things" like painting out some trim (the previous owners had a Maple Leafs theme going on in the basement bathroom that we never got around to changing – very strange given our team preference in hockey), cleaning up the last of the clutter and adding some curb appeal to the front.  Shocking, the difference raking a few leaves and adding a potted mum, a pumpkin and a welcome mat can make.

We also finally finished this:


I honestly don’t know that it looks any better, but for what it’s worth, it’s finished.

2 thoughts on “After

  1. Thanks Theresa! It did brighten the place up but we are still shocked by it every time we see it. I would never have painted it in a million years if it had been a really good quality of wood like oak or even knotty pine. I’m not sure what it actually was but it was a some kind of low-grade stuff. I think the only reason I took the agent’s advice and did this is because there’s still a ton of wood in the place between the kitchen and bedroom ceilings (tongue and groove pine), the open stairs and the floors!

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