Rule #1

I have a very strict rule about when I start wearing my winter coat.  Never, under any circumstances, will I put it on before November 1st.  I don’t know when I came up with this daft rule and selected this rather arbitrary date but year in and year out, I refuse to put on my winter coat until November 1st, regardless of how cold it is. 

I stubbornly persisted until November 3rd this year and only broke down because the weather guy threatened that the temperature would dip, taking the wind chill into account, to -6 degrees C (21 degrees F).  When I stepped out onto my stoop this morning it didn’t seem that cold to me.  I reacted with an appropriate level of bitterness – I could have squeezed one more day out of that flimsy jean jacket.

No time to switch coats though.  I only had 5 minutes to clean up as much leaves and crap from our tree as possible before leaving to meet my train.  You don’t want buyers to realize that leaves fall from a maple tree in the autumn do you? 

About two minutes into my walk, it occurred to me that I was actually enjoying not freezing to death and besides I was finally able to wear the cute pink and orange pashmina I had bought in the summer when it was way too hot for a pashmina.  Who isn’t cheered up by a pink and orange pashmina?  Nobody, that’s who.  It was about that time that I saw a couple of sweet little brown birds land at the edge of a bird bath that I pass by each morning.  One bird stood at the edge of the bath and the other took a big leap towards the middle of the water but this morning there was no splash, it was solid ice.  Guess it’s heavy coat season after all. 

2 thoughts on “Rule #1

  1. Oh, I do this too. Only instead of having a hard-and-fast date that’s the coat cutoff, I choose it arbitrarily, moving it back year after year. Last year it was Thanksgiving, but I’m not sure I’ll make it that long this year.

  2. This is funny to me because down here a lot of people get very excited and put on their winter clothes as soon as it gets below 60. Not because they’re cold, necessarily, but just because they can.

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