Fruits & Passion

The law firm my husband works at is located in the Eaton Centre and sometimes when he’s running late in the morning and there’s no way in hell the GO or the subway is going to get him to work on time, he drives.  Daily parking at the Eaton Centre is an outrageous expense.  Sometimes I fuss and carry on about the cost but mostly I just enjoy getting a ride home from work.  I like to stroll along against the flow of foot traffic while everyone else runs the rat race.

I have to pass this shop called, "Fruits & Passion" on the way.  I haven’t been in there in years so I can’t speak to what they sell now but it used to be full of fruity massage oils, shower gels and linen waters.  I guess it probably still is.  Since I frequented that mall in the mid-to-late 90s most of the stores have changed or at least moved within the mall but Fruits & Passion is still hanging on in its original location.

I have to pass this store a lot and it always makes me think of this guy Mike.  I think for clarity’s sake, I should mention that this does not relate to my High School Boyfriend Mike.  No need to ruin his reputation.  Anyway, the point is, I was seeing this completely different guy Mike and I had mentioned that I was going to the mall with my friend Kell.  He asks if I can pick up some peach massage oil at Fruits & Passion.  "Sure," I say, "No problem."  I didn’t really think much of it.  So later on that night, I find out that the massage oil is for me.  But I’m just saying, the massage was not for the conventional area of the body that one would hope to be receiving a massage.  One would actually require a very different kind of oil for that sort of "massage". 

Anyway, that’s why every few days when I pass Fruits & Passion, I kind of wish they’d go bankrupt or at least move to the other end of the mall.

2 thoughts on “Fruits & Passion

  1. Well, it just seems like bad ettiquette to get the girl who’s butt you want to f**k to buy the supplies so I didn’t go through with it!

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