Leeanne Makes a Mean Corn Chaudière

  Originally uploaded by Pink Collar.

"See, I have a problem with the word "chowder".  For some reason, it just turns me off."

In defence of Chowder, Leeanne emails me the facts:

Main Entry 2: chowder
Function: noun
Etymology: French chaudière kettle, contents of a kettle, from Late Latin caldaria

"Let’s call it corn caladaria.  Or corn chaudière.  Is that better?"

"Chaudière, it sounds so very Martha doesn’t it?"

"Very Martha – makes me want to feather my hair and wear a poncho!"

This is my very first bowl of Chaudière.  We had a showing last night and, again, did not have time to cook anything beforehand but Leeanne had thoughtfully (after convincing me of the merits of Chowder) brought me some of hers to try.  It was lovely soup and lovely timing – the first homemade food I’d eaten since last week.  I’m a very grateful girl.

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