It’s Hamilton, Not Mars.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this move out of the the city and the impact it might have on our future kid(s).  For the longest time I kept worrying that my kid(s) would grow up without any "culture".  Although Hamilton has a pretty good art gallery and I keep being told about the "thriving" arts community, I still kept despairing that I was taking something very important away from these unborn kid(s).

But then I realized something.  *I* grew up loving art and music.  And I grew up in the motherfucking Sticks.  The *real* Sticks, not the City of 500,000 Sticks that we’re moving to.  You know the Sticks where the whole place is made up of 100 people and your closest friend is a half-hour bike ride away?  Yeah, you only see her in the summer time dude. 

So how did this happen?  There was no art gallery there, no music venues.  My parents did that for me.  I now fully realize what a good job my parents really did bringing me up.  We didn’t have access to that stuff but they found a way to instill an appreciation for it in me anyway.  If they can do it there, where there is literally nothing, surely I should be able to do the same in a town where there is. And certainly, should I find that Hamilton really doesn’t have enough culture for my virtuoso kid(s) and that my parenting skills don’t measure up to those of my parents?

Well then, for goodness sake, we’re only 45 minutes away from Toronto. 

What do you think?

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