Sold and Seems Firm

The buyers of our house had their house inspection yesterday morning and finally got around to signing the waiver this morning.  It was very kind of them after making us wait all night believing the deal had died.  They were fussing because they apparently discovered old knob and tube wiring in the house.  We found this very interesting because during our home inspection two years ago there was no evidence of any connected knob and tube.  Every single plug was grounded.  Here is how I feel about all this:


Anyway, I have a copy of the waiver in my grubby little hand so you know what that means kids.  This deal is firmed up and it’s time to start torturing the neighbour by working on my piano skills.

I thought long and hard about what to start my practicing with.  I’ve got plenty of options in my books that will bug her, but I wanted something new and fun to work on that also offered maximum bass clef action to really drive her nuts.  And, here it is – lovely, big, fat, LOUD chords and all.  It’s just too bad that this is an arrangement. If it was available in a book I’d really rather buy that (Trent, you should get on that).   

This is going to be so much more knock-worthy than the Enya piece that inspired her knocking in the first place.  I mean, Enya, for God’s sake!  Enya!

What do you think?

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