I went to bed at 7 last night and slept 14 hours straight. Today I hung out with Kev and my father-in-law and we watched the Gameshow Network most of the day.  70s gameshows are fascinating.  If you haven’t spent a day watching 70s gameshows you really should.  I couldn’t stop watching.  And drinking tea.  I couldn’t drink enough tea.  At one point I attempted to read but I just fell asleep instead.  After already sleeping 14 hours straight.

Amanda brought Emma over for awhile and she was a ton of fun.  Chloe wasn’t sure about her at first (she’s only one year old and the kids Chloe is used to are a little older, by at least 5 years), but eventually the strange creature was deemed acceptable to smother it with licks.  At the end of the day, the dog will take whatever attention she can get even if it is apparently coming from a space invader.

After dinner, we were feeling optimistic and we decided to drive to Delaware to try shopping for the Wii.  Delaware is the first state (I learned this from a quarter.  Those state quarters are awesome).  There were no Wii’s to be had but I did get a coffee at a Starbucks in Target, because I mean, Starbucks in Target!  How can you go wrong? America, we have so much to learn from you. 

Disillusioned about the Wii, we decided to buy some wine instead but at the wine store we were both carded and the lady had a complete meltdown when we presented our Ontario driver’s licenses.  She didn’t think she was allowed to accept them and she very elaborately looked through a little picture book she had in her drawer of all the state and provincial licenses.  She had to ask a bunch of people if she could take a Canadian license.  Much confusion ensued.  Eventually we were allowed to spend our money.      

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