A lot of people have told me how brave and daring I am for changing my hair cut so much or just for having short hair in general.  They say, "Oh, I could never."  Why?  It’s just hair.  It grows back.  The only thing is with short hair, you have to be prepared to take the good with the bad.  Sometimes you get a really bad hair cut and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Hairbands and barrettes are helpful but can’t compare to a bun or a ponytail for concealing the mess for two months while the atrocity grows out.  Maybe short hair teaches you how to rise above adversity.

My last hair cut was really bad.  Worse than the one where I swore to single-handedly bring the hairband back into vogue.  I didn’t have time to get my hair fixed before we left for Pennsylvania so I asked my sister-in-law to make me an appointment with her stylist, Chrissi.  I think the whole family goes to Chrissi, and her shop is two seconds down the street.  You really can’t beat her for convenience.  Chrissi and her assistant did all the up-do’s for my sis-in-law’s wedding.  I had been growing my hair out for the wedding but by the time it rolled around it still didn’t seem long enough for any up-do.  It was commonly held that I had tried in vain but Chrissi’s team got it all up into a rather spectacular ‘do and at the reception a lot of people asked me if I was wearing a wig or extensions!  I figured if Chrissi could work this miracle she could fix my hair.

I love Chrissi and her shop.  Chrissi herself, kind of reminds me of Peg Bundy.  Her face is always perfectly made up and you can pretty much guarantee there will be some kind of glitz or faux fur on her shirt.  Actually, the first time I met her she was wearing a velour leopard print number.  She usually has several gold bangles jingling on her wrist.  Her shop is just a shop.  Nothing fancy.  It probably needs to be redone, but I like it the way it is with its cracking floor tiles, and the 80s pink reception desk and mirrors.  The capes are leopard print.  If I saw this in a salon in Toronto, I’d worry, but at Chrissi’s I know I’m in good hands.

Chrissi took a look at the monster and set to work.  My last hair cut was this ridiculous assymetrical bullshit and poor Chrissi really had her work cut out for her.  More than once she had to change her plan because she’d discover a hunk of hair much shorter than the rest left by the last psycho stylist.  When I entered the shop I was entertaining the notion that maybe I’d just grow my hair out and have a bob for awhile.  Exiting, I was remembering why I cut my hair off in the first place, because short hair is FUN. 

I tried to tip Chrissi but she threw the money back at me.  I pleaded, "Chrissi, I paid less than half what I would pay at home and I actually have a GOOD hair cut now, take it, TAKE IT!!!"  She just said, "Oh don’t be silly."  I’m left wondering two things, what’s she going to do if I just mail the tip to her and how am I going to get Chrissi move to Canada.

What do you think?

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