Art Star

After a visit with Kev’s grandma in Jersey, we drove into the city to check out Art Star.  I found it a little strange stepping into a space filled with work by people who’s blogs I read.  I saw stuff by Camilla Engman, Amy Karol and Leya Williams among others I recognized.  I was going to purchase this print which I’d picked out before we even left Toronto but when I got there I was captivated by one of Leya’s three-dimensional collages and found I could not leave without it.  Kevin seems miffed that I bought something he thinks I can make myself (maybe I could, but it’s unlikely I would) and I don’t know how to explain why it seems so special to me but I love it.

Anyway.  Art Star was fantastic.  You should check it out if you’re in Philly.  I will definitely visit again, hopefully with more money in my pocket.  It was such a shame I had to leave with only one thing.

What do you think?

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