No Wii, No Wii!

So around 9 pm last night we drove by Best Buy on our way home from Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Joyce’s and there was already a line-up outside.  My husband, who was apparently suffering from Black Friday Dementia, high-tailed it out to Delaware and got in line before 10.  The store was opening at 5 am.

Meanwhile, the rest of us watched a leisurely hour and a half of Grey’s Anatomy and went to bed.

The Bowman Women headed out to JoAnn Fabrics promptly at 6 am this morning.  Yes, JoAnn Fabrics.  Perhaps we’re not very cool, but we weren’t surviving a mobscene shopping for electronics either.  Everything was very peaceful at JoAnn Fabrics.  Except at the cutting table.  It looked a little hairy over there.  I got a pair of fabric scissors, pinking shears, pins, a tracing wheel and a bunch of other very exciting sewing stuff for 50% off.  Then my sis-in-law gave me a 20% off your entire purchase coupon.  All my crap only came to $21.  God bless Black Friday.  That was the extent of my Black Friday shopping.  I don’t withstand crowds very well.

Kev met us at JoAnn Fabrics (we had coordinated our plans last night) to tell us the story of his camp-out.  In a nutshell, by 5:10 he had determined that Best Buy did not get any more Wiis in stock and he went to stand in the line at Target.  Target was opening at 6 am.  Target did not have any Wiis.  I gather he then went to a few other places, but evidently Delaware is Wii-less.  When he couldn’t think of any other stores to check, he drove home to tell us his tale of woe.

My father-in-law, Kev and I departed JoAnn Fabrics and went home.  It’s now 5 pm and we’ve had a nap, a nice lunch, driven into Philly for a hockey game (woo hoo, we won!), come home, had a snack, watched some TV and my mom-in-law and sis-in-law are still shopping.  Those two are seriously hardcore yo.

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