Love at First Sight

We watched a lot of game shows while we were on vacation.  I’m not sure what collectively came over the group but the lot of us simultaneously came down with an addiction to Card Sharks.  On this particular day, one of the questions was something like, "We asked 100 married women if it was love at first sight" and then inevitably, Jerry asked my sister-in-law if it was love at first sight when she met him.  My sister-in-law does not mince words.  She said no.

I had hoped that if I just sat quietly the question would not come around to me, but of course, it did.  I just don’t feel it’s a yes or no question.  Even if it was, it’s hard to answer when a room full of people is staring straight into the very depths of my soul.  So I gave the short answer: No. 

But the longer answer is problably Yes. 

When you’ve been talking to someone for months and months on-line and shared more than you’d ever share with a friend (except perhaps a friend who’s been with you through the worst of the worst) or on a date – especially a first date – it’s impossible to feel anything other than love for that person when you meet them.  I’m not sure how you could really feel anything else or if "love" is even the word for that moment, the culmination of all those silent, late-night conversations. 

I think there must be "love at first sight" if two people are somehow willing to carry on a long distance relationship for a couple of years based on that meeting, before making a permanent arrangement.  And if there isn’t, at the end of the day does it really matter if it was love at first sight when a couple is able ride it out through all the dirty day-to-day details of a relationship?  Isn’t that the important thing?

But that’s not really the kind of answer I seem to be able to say out loud.  Probably wasn’t the kind of answer my brother-in-law was looking for anyway.

What do you think?

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