Holiday Recap

For all my fussing about having no Christmas spirit this year and even though I got sick the very day after I said to my friend, "I haven’t been sick all year!" without even knocking on wood or participating in any other superstitious ritual, I had a lovely holiday.  I spent Saturday wrapped in blankets sniffling and reading.  I’m sure it sped my recovery.  I haven’t had much time to ready lately and it felt great to just hang out with some books instead of worrying about undone chores.  Honestly, I didn’t even wrap my gifts until Christmas morning.  I gave up on Sons and Lovers (sorry D.H., too boring even for a classic).  I blew through The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing (which I liked) and I began All Families are Psychotic (it’s ok). 

We got our Wii for Christmas.  Sort of. We apparently had a "connection" in a Glenolden area gamestore and he was kind enough to put one away for us.  Thanks my mother-in-law’s co-worker’s daughter’s boyfriend!!!  What a rock star you are!  It was a huge relief to call off that quest. While it’s a drag that we won’t be in possession of the Wii until mid-January, I have to admit it’s a distraction we really don’t need right now when we need to be packing. 

I did not do any holiday baking.  I planned to do it on Boxing Day but I didn’t think anyone would really appreciate cookies that had had a lung hacked up all over them.  I guess it will be New Year’s baking instead.

I did, however, start packing in earnest on Boxing Day.  I packed up much of the kitchen and most of our CDs though I left a stack that’s in heavy rotation in it’s place near the stereo.  It doesn’t sound like much but the boxes are piling up.  I would have done more except I ran out of boxes.

This turned out to be one of my favourite Christmases ever.  We didn’t try to please everybody.  We went to one Christmas dinner.  One.  We didn’t stop in anywhere on our way up north.  I know that the not stopping and the not-attending the second dinner didn’t go over well, but it made Christmas so much saner for us.  I received some lovely presents.  Some highlights: a food processor from my folks that I’m so excited about (I had been borrowing my mom’s for years to make tapenade and hummus), a pretty pink handknit toque and mitten set from my uncle (the hat has fluffly pom-poms that hang from longish strings which is absolutely perfect because for some reason I love crap hanging off my winter hats) and from my grandma … Twister!  Yay!  I think even more special than the presents was getting to talk to people I don’t usually get to talk to because there are too many of us.  Christmas Day seemed pretty perfect, I think due in no small part to the fact that everyone could actually hear what we were saying to each other.  Even Chloe was a perfect little princess and didn’t even beg during dinner.

I offered up a New Year’s brunch to the family we missed on our drive and I’m a little disappointed in the eye-for-an-eye approach they’ve taken – but you know what?  That’s fine.  I can pack up all those servers I kept out. We’ll still have my parents over and probably the girls.  We’ll still have full bellies and it will still be a great start to our year.  We took the approach that was right for us this year and it kinda hurts that people didn’t like it but it’s not gonna change the fact that it really was the right approach.  It was even better than I could have hoped for.

One thought on “Holiday Recap

  1. “I did not do any holiday baking. I planned to do it on Boxing Day but I didn’t think anyone would really appreciate cookies that had had a lung hacked up all over them.”
    What? I heard phlegm cookies were quite popular this year.
    Glad you were able to enjoy your holiday, though, in spite of some poor attitudes. 🙂

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