Hello ’07

Early in the New Year I always like to ponder that old wive’s tale about how what it is that you were doing at midnight on New Year’s Eve is what you’ll be doing for the rest of the year.  Neither myself nor Kevin can even remember what we did for New Year’s last year and nothing is revealed in the archives of this blog so whatever it was must have been really exciting.  The year before that we rang in the New Year in a cab going from one party to another.  And the year before that we stayed in and played a drinking game with Ingrid instead of going to Nathan Phillips Square as we had planned.  I like to think about what all this means.  This year I was cleaning my house when 2007 arrived and if that’s an indication of what this year will bring, I am happy with that.  It seems like a positive omen.  We watched Saturday Night Fever instead of New Year’s programming and have not been able to stop doing John Travolta impressions ever since.  (Can you dig it?  I knew that you could!)

On New Year’s Eve Day we took my parents with us to our final walk-through of the new house and I still love it.  I feel sick and terrified and thrilled and excited.  Later my mom made a beautiful turkey dinner then on New Year’s Day we hosted a relaxed brunch with my parents and the girls, surrounded by stacks of boxes. We were so busy hanging out that I forgot to take pictures.  Not so long ago I would have scoffed at ringing in the New Year like this, but I was at least 100 years younger then.

2006 brought a lot to the table.  It brought back old friends back and weakened other bonds, it took my uncle and Kevin’s grandma away, it gave us inspiration to change our lives.  I learned a lot, I got stronger, my heart got bigger.  I’m glad to see the tail end of 2006 but grateful for everything it left behind. 

Welcome 2007. I’m sure we will have many adventures together.

What do you think?

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