Somehow the vital connection is made

Michelle asked lurkers on her blog to post a question in comments to give her something to write about this month.  I asked the question that I am always dying to ask people, but instead I ask, "So, how’s work?"  Since she was sweet enough to write a whole post around my question, I think it’s only fair for me to submit my answer as well.

So, the question was: If you were a WWE Diva*, what would your theme song be?

I realize that maybe not everyone, especially boys, wants to be a WWE Diva, so in that case the question is:  What is your Super Hero/Super Heroine theme song?

Mine is "Connection" by Elastica.  Who knows why, it just makes me feel like a badass when I hear it.  Yeah, I guess that song is kind of old now and the WWE probably would tell me I couldn’t use it for that reason, but I’d just kick their ass (I could totally do it too).

Now tell me, what’s yours? (You too, Lurkers!) 

* Because isn’t it nice to think about being a WWE Diva?  I mean, those ladies can really kick some ass.  And they are hot!  Even the ones that aren’t really that hot are still hot.  Although I think the WWE really stinks since Trish retired.  (And yeah, I’m more than a little disappointed in myself that I have an opinion on the WWE that required the writing of the preceding five sentences). 

5 thoughts on “Somehow the vital connection is made

  1. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme song by Nerf Herder.
    I used to have this song on my MP3 player, and I swear, when I walk down the street listening to this song I can kick anyones ass.

  2. I don’t think it was possible for me to write anything BUT an entire post on that question, hehe. 🙂
    I haven’t watched WWE in forever…since Edge and Christian broke up their team. I always thought Tori Wilson had a really pretty face, and Stacy Keibler’s legs are to die for. Trish always kind of seemed to me to be the wrestling world’s Pam Anderson, only not as trashy.
    I did briefly imagine myself as a WWE wrestler at one point, haha! I even think I had a theme song picked out at the time but I just can’t remember it.

  3. I can’t believe more of you guys aren’t telling me your theme songs! Listen, it’s OKAY if your theme song is “Fame” by Irene Cara or “We Want Some Pussy” by 2 Live Crew. You will feel better just sharing it with us.

  4. I’ve been a lurker on this site for quite a while and never commented. Thanks to Theresa’s prodding I’ve decided to post a comment.
    If I was a superhero my theme song would have to be Eye of the Tiger by Survivor for two reasons. 1-I love all six of the Rocky movies and 2-How could I not choose a theme song that was at one point used by all-time favourite wrestler Hulk Hogan?
    If I was a WWE Diva my theme song would by “Shook Me All Night Long” by AC/DC.

  5. Haha, Kristal, that’s funny – I lurk on your blog too. Didn’t we sit together at Theresa’s wedding?? Actually, there was one day that I was going to comment (on some quiz thing you posted) but there was a prob with comments that day and basically I’m pretty lazy so I never got around to retaking the quiz thing – and now it’s gone! Anyway, thanks!
    Michelle – I like your Trish/Pam Anderson analogy. I just love the handspring move she does where she pulls the chicks down off the buckle with her legs. Even though it’s totally fake looking and you can see they practiced a million times before the match.
    I can only assume the rest of you cats are thinking very hard about what your theme song is …. Good to know though, judging from all the crickets I hear chirping, I won’t be asking this at any parties!

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