Time to re-evaluate my favourite colour?

Okay, I know Maggie Mason says posting about your lunch is boring and inappropriate but this is just too ridiculous I feel I must mention it.

I packed my lunch this morning at 5:30 am and I guess I wasn’t really paying that much attention to what I was throwing in there.  When I got to work I peered into my (orange) lunch bag to see what I would have for breakfast.  I discovered I had packed an entirely orange lunch.  An orange (not surprisingly), carrots and a bagel with cheddar on it.  [To be perfectly honest, there was a Golden Delicious apple in there too, but the colour on it was so negligible that it could not balance out the all that other orange.  Poor little apple.]

Alright, so that’s kind of dumb, an orange lunch, but that’s not the ridiculous part.  No, the ridiculous part is that in 15 minutes I’ll be eating salmon and yam for dinner.

2 thoughts on “Time to re-evaluate my favourite colour?

  1. Well, if it’s any consolation, I had a dinner the other night that resembled a Kindergarten art project. Ham, macaroni and cheese, and brussels sprouts served on blue plates.
    Perhaps you’re subconsciously craving sunshine?

  2. Who knows, you might be onto something. There’s a lady at work that always gets really concerned about me around this time of year. I think she thinks I’m going to off myself during the darker months. I’m not sure what behaviour of mine got her so concerned but it makes me feel kind of sad for her.

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