Superbowl Sunday

People came to our party despite the fact that I sent out invites only two days ahead of time.  I was really teetering on the edge of not bothering with the whole thing and I had lots of excuses.  You know, house a big mess, don’t even know where half my pants are let alone stuff for putting out food, didn’t get the slipcover done (or started), boxes everywhere etc. but in the end, the very last-minute end, I decided I didn’t really care and I don’t think anybody that came cared either.  If they did, they were very polite and kept quiet.

They came with food and doggie treats and extra Wii controllers. Kellie came with a very special stained glass lamp that she made.  It lives on the piano right now.  I think that’s where it should live, but I’m not sure if it will ultimately end up there because the only outlet in the room is in a very inconvenient location for running an extension cord (behind the red chair if you happen to know where that is).  All the outlets in the house suck in fact.  We’ll have to run some new ones eventually but I don’t really want to think about it just yet because there is a significant amount of wiring that needs to be updated to 100 amp from knob-and-tube.

There were highlights (Christian’s elephant walk, Clover’s assorted bag of tricks) and lowlights (when I answered the door and made Clover cry, when Chloe appeared to be going to rip out Evan’s throat and I had a vision of myself being transported to jail and my dog being euthanized).  Also a lowlight: I discovered my camera on my desk after everyone had left and I realized I had not taken a single picture.  If there is one thing I want to do better at this year, it’s to remember to take pictures.  I used to take tons of pictures but somewhere along the way I got tired of listening to people balk about being photographed (something I noticed myself do on Sunday and immediately felt really ticked off with myself) and I sort of stopped.  So, unfortunately, there are no pictures of this event, but you can see the money shot of the day right here.

Kevin had a special order of rooms devised for giving "the grand tour" and I was relieved that he was planning on doing this because I hate giving "the grand tour".  It makes me feel weird and uncomfortable.  Like showing off or something?  He lost steam though (read: got sidetracked playing Wii) and I was forced to give "the grand tour" to some unsuspecting victims.  I did a shitty job of it, glossing over all the things that I think are really cool about the house just so I could get it over with and end the freaky feeling.  This is also why I haven’t posted many pictures because I get the same feeling from doing that.  I feel like I have to keep saying, because I know the comparisons to Toronto are inevitable, "But no!  This house was really cheap, honest!"  I tried to refrain from doing that as much as possible.  I mean, I think everybody gets it right?  It’s not rocket science that TO = expensive and Hamilton = cheap, I guess. However, for the record, the house was really cheap.  It was $165,000. There, I said it dammit.  Now I can get over it.

I’m glad I decided to go ahead and have the party.  Moving had, in a way, made me feel like that 15 year old girl who moved to Toronto in grade 10.  I felt like I was saying goodbye to all my friends again, but having the party made me believe that maybe that isn’t so.  People came and stayed longer than I thought they would even though they had to drive (and extra props have to be given to Angus & Linz who actually took the GO out, a daunting task on a Sunday).  I laughed a lot, made a new friend and generally felt loved – I think it was a success.

2 thoughts on “Superbowl Sunday

  1. I think that’s a fantastic price and can’t wait to see more pictures of your house. I don’t think you should feel weirded out at all. You have every right to show off your house. You found a house you love and bought it. Where’s the shame in that?
    And anyone who comments and makes you feel uncomfortable can stick a fork in your inconvenient outlets. hehe

  2. I’m very jealous that we didn’t make it out to Hamilton Sunday, and I’m holding you to your bar-b-que invitation 😉
    I can’t wait to see the house in person, but please, in the meantime, pictures would be lovely.

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