Sometimes it is really hard to think of a title for the dumb crap I write

Leeanne, Drita, Sandra and I took April out for a birthday celebration.  It!  Was!  Fun!  Leeanne and I were both wearing pink sweaters and it reminded me of this one time a woman I know asked if we were sisters.  She seemed really disappointed that we weren’t.  Like, really disappointed.

And!  I remembered to take a picture!

Later April drove me to an Indigo about halfway between my house and hers where it was predetermined that Kevin would pick me up.  It’s bad news for me to be in such a big book store but luckily I was feeling ill with a migraine and had to go outside and stand in the frigid air so as not to barf all over the pretty books. In this way, I escaped with only one item. 

People are a lot more friendly out here. As I said, I was not well, and I started having a panic attack when the lady behind the counter was ringing in my purchase.  Evidently, she took me for some sort of seamstress who knows wtf she’s doing (I have yet to master threading my machine) and pulled this gigantic book on the history of trousers out from under the counter and wanted to like, leaf through it with me. 

I felt bad, as I had never before considered the history of trousers and would have liked to look at the book with her, but I really had to get out
of there.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes it is really hard to think of a title for the dumb crap I write

  1. Oh, how fun! I love those moments! “Yes, I’m sure the trousers are quite fascinating, but if I don’t leave here right now I’m going to puke on you.” 😀

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