I do it for the people

SittingpianoLet us begin the house tour.  You can click these pictures to make them bigger if you really want to but unfortunately, clicking on them does not make the photography any better.  Today’s installment is the Sitting Room.  Other, more appropriate things this room could be called: the Piano Room, the Music Room (we’re going to put our stereo in here if we ever unearth it), the Front Room.  We, however, cannot seem to stop calling it the Sitting Room.  In this picture you can see my poor beat-up piano, the awesome lamp that Kellie made (click here for close-up) and a rocking chair that was given to me for my nursery.  Ahem.  It’s a cute chair though despite that.  It doesn’t belong in this room but right now we don’t know where else to put it.  Other points of interest, more dark wood trim, nicely restored [original] parquet flooring, my bronzed baby boots on the piano (aww!).  That dog there really stinks.  Can somebody please give her a bath?  Also, to the left of the piano, the piece of trim visible there conceals a pocket door.

Sittingfireplace_2Here is the fireplace.  This is the view you see when you enter the room from the hallway.  Furniture placement is an issue.  The chair is okay there but the couch thing isn’t working.  Honestly though, my mom and I moved that fucker all around the room and that was the best we came up with.  Hopefully things will improve once the couch is slipcovered (see slipcover fabric).  The cool tree table is here because it doesn’t have a home yet. The swag thing above the fireplace was left by the previous owner.  She really liked it a lot I guess.  Apparently about as much as I like it.  My cousin has a moose head he’d like to hang there and surprisingly, we’re not opposed to that idea although we are undecided.  The fireplace is coal-burning (we’ll have to use high-density firelogs) so it’s pretty safe to say it’s original.   I think the mirror built-in above the mantle is pretty neat.  I’m charmed by the little nailholes in the woodwork beneath the mantle where kids have hung their stockings.  The trim at the far, far right conceals another pocket door leading into the dining room.

SittingwindowI’m showing this room first because I’m coercing my friend Leeanne into developing the colour scheme for this room.  Pretty slick huh? 

Some facts about this window:  1) Outside the window is my verandah, 2) Putting the couch in front of the window seems logical but it crowds the piano too much, 3) It’s a design dilemma (it’s not centred on the wall).

That’s really all I have to say about this room.  Thanks for coming out!  🙂

3 thoughts on “I do it for the people

  1. I love the little mirror above the fire place… but, the first thing I thought when I saw the picture was how lovely a custom made mosaic would look in it’s place…
    Just saying. 😉

  2. Hey, my dog stinks, too! So whoever washes yours, there’s another one waiting here at my house! 😀
    Lovely room, I do like the fireplace and I think the pocket doors are perfect.

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