Happy Snowy Valentine’s


We got a little snow out here!  Over my knees even in areas that didn’t drift.  We couldn’t get our car out (read: we didn’t care enough to try any harder) so we had a cozy snow day for Valentine’s.   And now, a Valentine’s sentiment from Snoopy:

Chocolate chips are red
Chocolate chips are blue
Chocolate chips are sweet …
So are you!

2 thoughts on “Happy Snowy Valentine’s

  1. Aw! I love watching doggies playing in snow, the way they bounce around thinking they’re jackrabbits or something. Mine likes to roll in it as well. Nothing that deep down here, although it has snowed every morning here for the last three days in a row, but it stops snowing and starts melting off around mid-morning.
    (Which is good because my son has had ENOUGH snow days and disrupting my peace and quiet, thank you very much!)

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