Day! Off!

I am on vacation today, ya-hoo!!! 

So far today I have watched a lot of really crappy TV*, cuddled my cat, cleaned the house top to bottom (okay, really just the main floor, but I cleaned that part top to bottom!), did some laundry, tried to teach my dog a new trick and took some house pictures for those types who are interested in that kind of thing.  I am on fire today people!  I might even paint in a little bit.  Or I might just watch some more bad TV. 

We’re going to Buffalo later to see some exciting Flyers vs. Sabres action.  I use the word "exciting" here loosely, as the last time we went to Buffalo to see the Flyers, we were creamed 9-1.  After that the whole franchise went to hell in a handbasket.  The Flyers are not exactly stellar this year, so I’m not expecting a win tonight but as long as we do better than 9-1 I’ll consider it a victory.  We’re both completely depressed we won’t get to see Peter Forsberg tonight but it will definitely be cool to see Simon.  I think our tickets are near the Flyers bench this time, sooo exciting!!!

* Wtf is up with that Rachel Ray show? I feel like I can’t stand it, yet I MUST watch it whenever I’m home from work.  GAH!!!

4 thoughts on “Day! Off!

  1. You know, I get annoyed just seing Rachel Ray on the back of my box of Triscuits all the time. I can’t imagine being compelled to watch that woman in action on TV.
    Makes me happy my cable is only for the internet and not the telly.

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