Waiting for their turn


I liked studying this orderly row of back-up sticks last night.  Awhile ago I started trying to remember the player’s numbers.  I guess this is something people who are more into sports than me already know, but memorizing the numbers makes it a lot easier to figure out who is involved in a play, particularly when you’re at a game with no announcer to help you out.  You can’t always see their name!  I was glad I made this effort because each of these sticks is labelled with the player’s number and having them memorized made it a piece of cake to locate and fawn over my favourites.  Anyway, I just thought it was neat to see the difference in size between the sticks (Simon’s stick was shorter than I would have thought) and it was pretty cool to see Antero Niittymaki’s helmet so close too.

What do you think?

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