List of Things That Were Important to Me That No Longer Exist (Not including people)

Keri Smith’s post had me thinking about what might be on my own list:

  1. Photo of Kev and I taken at the Philly airport the week I met him (destroyed in basement flood).
  2. Albert Britnell Bookshop on Yonge Street (replaced by a Starbucks, mid to late 90s).
  3. Pine ceiling my dad made in my old house.
  4. Tobacco Flower scent from the Body Shop (discontinued).
  5. Mix tape made for me by the brother of an old boyfriend (destroyed by the ex who followed).
  6. Tire swing at my great grandparent’s house.
  7. Leslie’s Tree.
  8. Flo’s Diner on Cumberland (replaced by condos).
  9. ABBA 8-track given to me by my Aunt when I was small (possibly the first recorded music I had that belonged to me not my folks).
  10. Purple flower-shaped rhinestone earrings (irreparably broken when I dropped them on the floor).

I’d love to hear what’s on your list.

4 thoughts on “List of Things That Were Important to Me That No Longer Exist (Not including people)

  1. 1. My black courdory page boy hat
    2. Lime Rickey’s at the Eaton Centre (how I miss those milkshakes!!)
    3. Etam body spray from Paris (They won’t deliver to North America!!)
    4. The binder of my original poems that I leant to that guy from the BBS.
    5. My silver dolphin ring that my Aunt bought me, and I lost.
    6. My 17 year old body…

  2. 1. Kelloggs Puffa Puffa Rice (delicious cereal discontinued about 20 years ago. I still miss it)
    2. Incredibly flattering Calvin Klein camisole (fell apart after years of wear)
    3. Incredibly flattering black and green chiffon shirt (fell apart after a laundry mishap)
    4. My Sindy doll and the wonderful wardrobe a early ’70s clothes. (given to my young niece and tossed out with other things she had outgrown.

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