Stella is home!  Kevin called me last night to tell me he’d tricked her into going in the house by tossing treats in the door.  She must have been really hungry to fall for it because two months ago when we first spotted her next door she wouldn’t come over to our yard for anything.   But that was two months ago – two nights ago she was spotted trying to get food out of the neighbour’s recycling box. I guess I’d fall for treats being thrown in the door too if I didn’t know food comes from the garbage*, not the blue box. 

He told me she’s "skin and bones" but that her coat looks good and she’s soft, so I hope that indicates she’s still reasonably healthy.  Sometime soon, after a once-over by the vet, she’ll come to live with me.

*Actually, it would come from the green bin, but Hamilton’s organic bins are impossible for raccoons to get into, so no hope for kitties there.


Totally off-topic, here is a video of my future husband.  If you don’t love that little French Canadian accent, you clearly have a heart of stone.

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