Adventures of Clover Hijack Post


I met up with Tonya, Evan and Clover this morning and we went to the Aberfoyle Antiques Market.  I’d wanted to go for awhile so I was really excited when Tonya suggested it. Before the big bust-up of ’07, it was a place we’d been planning to scope out for some dining room stuff we needed for the new house.  It could have been a bit depressing, but I didn’t think much about it once we got there.  Even if I had it’s pretty tough to be depressed, sad or otherwise down with Clover around.  Tonya got some pretty cool stuff and I talked myself out of everything I was interested in since I have approximately all of my boxes yet to unpack.  In retrospect, I’ll probably be forever kicking myself for not picking up an exact replica of a particular orange cookie jar from my childhood.  I had just finished lamenting the fact that we’d sold the cookie jar in a yard sale years ago – when we turned a corner and ABRA CAN DABRA*!  It was sitting right there.  Creepy. So, a bad decision on my part but whining about the stuff you were too dumb to buy later is sorta part of the fun of vintage shopping I think.

After that, we had a crazy huge lunch at the Aberfoyle Mill, then we drove around for awhile, had some really good coffee, and then … we went to Mars

* © Clover

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