3 thoughts on “Dear Bell Canada

  1. Because they are a monopoly and have the power to screw over the millions of people who pay outlandish fees for crappy service, and even crappier customer service, and know that there’s nothing we can do about it.
    In short? Because they can.

  2. Kristal – Yea really. What am I going to switch to? Rogers? The OTHER shittiest company on Earth!
    Besides Time Warner that is – those assholes!
    Joolie – That reminds me, I got your print framed up and it looks so effing cool. I’d post a picture of it/email it to you if my *&^%ing internet ever worked at home (Kiss my ass Bell!).
    The stupidest thing is, not only does my internet never work, but for some reason my poor dad keeps getting charged for my services. Never mind that I haven’t lived there since the late 90s!!

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