It gets old.

I guess I was admiring the tottering baby with too much interest.  The mother-in-law asked, "Do you have children of your own?"

The baby sipped her sippy cup while I considered my answer.  If I had my own, I thought, would you not have heard a story about it by now?  "No … no, not yet." The truth seemed most appropriate. 

"Well, not to worry.  There’s still lots of time left.  You have lots of time."

I wanted to hurt her with the entire sordid tale.  Instead, I pasted on a wide smile, hoping it resembled sincerity.  I forced the lump in my throat down down down where it would not catch on anything when I responded, "Yes, lots of time."

3 thoughts on “It gets old.

  1. Oh Leslie – I am sorry that you had to endure that. Some people just don’t think before they open their mouths. People who have not experience a situation just are not aware of how hurtful their innocent words can be.
    Thinking about you…

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