When my friends asked me to babysit their three year old while they went to a wedding today, I thought it might be kind of a dry way to spend an afternoon and evening.  But then I:

  • Considered bottle cap art while constructing a bottle cap line.
  • Painted.
  • Rode a stage coach to the village of Orrs with two horses named Lightning and Thunder.
  • Reassembled the stage coach into a car, then a fort.
  • Watched Toopy and Binoo (yay!)
  • Played a serious game of "Tackle".
  • Built a space shuttle.
  • Walked on the moon.

All before dinner.  Kind of a fulfilling day, really. 

2 thoughts on “Imagination

  1. When I’m stressed, sad or just in a bad mood, I head over to my Sisters. There’s something magical about a three year old that can make all of the bad stuff just go away…

  2. This makes me giggle – he is definitely one of a kind! 🙂 Thanks so much for taking such good care of him and for exploring with him – you make him happy 🙂

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