It had sentimental value.


Kellie and I went to Montreal on the August long weekend.  We started planning for it when I could only be described as a pile of rubble.  I needed a change of scenery, badly.  We spent only three days there, but those three days made an immeasurable difference in my outlook.  We walked and walked.  Interestingly, a lot of my favourite memories of that trip have nothing to do with Montreal itself. Like when Kell attempted to cure my migraine by sitting me down, giving me coffee and massaging my neck right in the middle of the mall.  Or later, sitting in a window seat eating dinner and seeing pretty Ingrid flashing me her shiny new diamond ring as they walked up to meet us there.  We spotted this weird note tied to a fence after our infamous, Dairy Queen-powered hike up Mount Royal.  I remember thinking, "I know how that girl feels … to whoever stole my life – it had sentimental value too." I wonder if she ever got her bike back.  Bet that bike still has sentimental value.

What do you think?

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