Urban_2This is what my apartment overlooks: A Shell station.  An all-night Shell station.  Feeling very proactive, before I signed the papers on this place, I asked my girl Lisa (who also lives in the building) what the noise from the Shell was like. "I can’t hear a thing," Lisa said.  And she’s right.  She can’t hear a thing in her apartment.  We failed to take into consideration the fact that her apartment faces north. Mine faces east.  It’s not like she’s on the other side of the building though, simply around the corner.  Seriously, who would have thought a corner could make that much of a difference?  Haha, very funny girls!

Ohh.  It makes a big difference.  Let me tell you: That Shell station makes a lot of noise.  For the first three weeks I lived here I layed in bed every night wondering if I would ever sleep again.  It’s not so much the constant in and out of cars but the pumping bass at 4 am is sometimes … a challenge for me. And the car alarms.  Oh, the car alarms. And the back-up beeping.  Dear God.  Also, the Shell receives deliveries all night long, of gas, ice, whatever the hell else they stock in there.  It never occurred to me that this crap would be delivered in the middle of the night, but now I know.  Add the bus (the all-night bus), the midnight street sweeping truck (why, Toronto, why?!) and the occasional late-night drunken singer of Louis Armstrong tunes or just random shouters, and this is one very urban apartment. 

I really would not trade it though!  People can adjust to anything I think, as long as they feel like adapting.  I love, love, love my apartment!  It’s the first apartment that’s been truly my own and it is so frigging cute!  I’m not biased at all.  And anyway, watching and listening to the Shell is endlessly fascinating.  The bits of conversations and arguments, phone conversations that float up to my window – such good stuff.  I’m feeling a lot of love for italics today.   

Plus, the Shell is the Magic Land of Slurpees and Doritos, and, they don’t really care if we wander in there in our slippers.  (But there’s no need to worry, I only did that once.)

What do you think?

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