Favourite bits of last week:

Les:  Mark, I’ma have to lay the beats on you for saying Amy can’t sing. Just because she can’t hold her liquor, honestly.
Mark: OK, she can sing a little but she looks like someone hit in her in the face with a bag of nickels. What a drunken idiot that chick is. ARGH! I can’t stand that chick. And this is her STARTING her tour
Les: Okay I concede, she’s a train wreck. Also, I think she has some rodents living in her hair. I’d still do her though.
Mark: HA! I wouldn’t touch her with Paul’s dick.


April:  You should have gotten some of those [hand-made, glass] wine stoppers.  That artist was CUTE.  You should have talked to him!!!
Les:  Yea, but what would I have said anyway?  I’m no good at talking to people.
Leeanne: "So do you blow these?  You know, I’m somewhat of an artist myself …"
Les: Ahh, whaaat??  No.
Leeanne: " …. My studio is in my bedroom."


Clover: I’m so happy you’re home.

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