RIP NaBloPoMo ’07 – Gone but not forgotten

Well … yesterday was my party (tagged, "The Demise of Uggles McFattypants" by Erin) and I completely forgot to post so I cannot fulfill the NaBloPoMo requirements this year.  S’okay.  It was worth it.  I don’t know how much fun everyone else had at The Demise, but I had a friggen FUN time.


Kellie made a creepy little effigy.  We didn’t burn it but at one point I looked at it and it’s head was stuffed down it’s own pants.  Wes stepped on it’s crotch extensively later in the evening.  I kicked it around a little.  It’s neck looked like a vagina.

Lots of super awesome people came!  I forgot to take pictures of them because I was trashed.  I am guessing that’s why the rest of The Demise Team forgot too.  (I still love you girls).


We played Twister.  Yay!

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