The Oven Is For *Cooking*

Not that long ago, I was watching some really horrible show on television.  The one character was a lawyer and, since she never cooked, she had hidden all her embarassing romance novels in the stove.  At the time, I thought, "This has to be stupidest thing I have ever heard of."

Yeah, well.  That’s not what I thought last night as I wrote out Christmas cards while I waited for my oven to pre-heat, wondering, "What, exactly, is that weird smell?"

Friends, that is the smell of two plastic platters, a cast-iron skillet and a big pyrex measuring cup full of metal and plastic cookie cutters pre-heating to 450 degrees – all of which I hid in the oven nearly a month ago while I was getting ready for my party.

Who needs to get some more kitchen storage?*  Or, cook more real food/eat less cereal.  Either way.

* It does sort of beg the question, why am I keeping all this kitchen crap, if I’m never going to use it.  I did use it, back in the day.  Honest.

7 thoughts on “The Oven Is For *Cooking*

  1. What I don’t understand is, how have you not used your oven in a month!
    That’s unheard of πŸ˜‰
    Jason does that all the time and it drives me crazy! Whenever I forget to check before I turn on the oven, sure enough he’s left something in there (and it’s usually dirty and grease filled).

  2. That’s hilarious and kind of awesome. But for some reason I have so many questions: What were you going to bake? Did you still end up baking it? How melty was everything? Could the skillet be saved?

  3. Haha, Joolie! The worst part is, all I was making was a fucking frozen pizza. I did still end up making it (I was very hungry) but I sort of aired the stove out for awhile first. Everything survived the ordeal (thank god, cuz I love that skillet) except for a couple of plastic gingerbread people cookie cutters. They actually didn’t get overly melty, just disfigured. I was sort of mad that the plastic platters didn’t get more melty because they’re quite hideous. I decided to throw them out anyway.
    In retrospect, it would have been pretty awesome to make cookies with the grotesque gingerbread people!!

  4. Years ago I started scrambling some eggs on a frying pan with my favourite spatula (And believe me, I *loved* this particular spatula). A girl I was really into at the time called me, and I went to my room to take the call. Like an hour later I returned to the kitchen to discover that my spatula had ‘become one’ with the frying pan. I was devastated.
    I buried the frying pan and spatula, and ended up marrying the girl. Bittwesweet, I guess πŸ™‚

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