Clover Takes on Religion

On my coffee table I keep a couple of childhood books, on top of which sits this Buddha candle thing I got at Gabby’s Partylite party shortly after I moved into this place.  A tiny bronze Ganesh Lisa gave me ages ago usually sits in front.  The little Ganesh is one of my favourite things.

Tonya and Evan and Clover came over yesterday and they brought lots of Tonya’s baking to make me feel spoiled (hello, homemade marshmallows!!).  I was kind of a crappy host but they were good sports about it and there was a minor Christmas miracle when Clover asked for yogurt and I actually had some in my fridge, instead of the vast amounts of nothing I typically keep in there. 

Anyway, Clover was her usual awesome self* but she was a bit pissed off that I wouldn’t put on Treehouse.  Now, in all honesty, it’s just because I didn’t know if I got that channel and I thought it might be worse if I turned on the TV and then couldn’t provide it, but it seemed fruitless to try explaining that.  [Note: I have confirmed, for future reference, that I DO indeed get Treehouse].  So she just played around, drew pictures, told me an awesomely animated story about Santa and the fireplace, and did some other stuff, because she’s cool like that. 

Today I’ve been hanging out, trying to give a crap about Christmas, baking, laundry … I’ve been in the living room for a good chunk of the day, but it’s taken me until just now to notice Ganesh sitting very cozily inside Buddha’s tealight cup, where I’m guessing Clover felt he belonged.  I love it; it looks like they’ve been having a nice chat all day and they’ve got everything all sorted out now.   

* "I want to do something with you, Weswie.  Can we play with your toys in your room, Weswie?"

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