So over fixing this place up.


My dad came over earlier and hung up my new light bedroom light.  You can also kinda see the wallhanging thing procured at the Menno Fest.  It probably doesn’t belong on a window but I like it there.  The room is getting better.  I still have to repaint as that green turned out tragically wrong.  It looks fine enough at night but it’s blinding in the daylight.  And a home must be found for 6 boxes of mosaic supplies that I have [nearly] no intention of ever using yet cannot seem to part with.  Dammit, maybe I should just start making mosaics again.

The biggest problem in the bedroom is this: I feel like the bed is facing the wrong direction. But I can’t figure out where to put rest of the stuff in order to change it around.  I need help, so if you’re good at furniture arrangement, please come over soon.

After all that, I’ll be pretty much done all the decorating that needs to be done and I’ll have no choice but to finally clean the seven years of the previous tenant’s skin cells out of the bathroom radiator.  (I actually already tackled that, right before the Bon Voyage Uggles party, but it made me throw up and I had to stop.)

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