Hi, 2008. You’re cute.

It was decided by forces larger than myself that there would be a pot-luck dinner party at my place for New Year’s.  We had some (a lot of) food, we drank some wine.  I discovered I don’t have enough cutlery for 8.  We played Trivial Pursuit:


I appear to have come on to Lisa:


Prilly had gifted me the Vancouver firefighter calendar.  I didn’t feel like I could hang it on my wall so we made some drunken art out of it by the glow of the Faux Fire

Ali won Best Use of Fireman:


It was fun times!

In 2008:

– I’ll finally learn to use chopsticks.
– I’ll drink more milk. 
– I’ll practice more yoga.
– I’ll read more books.
– I’ll paint more.
– I’ll make something with my sewing machine.
– I’ll start cooking again.
– I’ll finalize my divorce.
– I will grow.

7 thoughts on “Hi, 2008. You’re cute.

  1. You don’t have enough seats for everyone you invite over, and when you throw a dinner party you don’t have enough cutlery?
    I think you need an official housewarming party šŸ˜›

  2. I used to have enough cutlery but we split it. Yea, my kitchen needs a few upgrades for sure. Like, I’m sure Lisa wouldn’t mind if I gave her wine glasses back.
    And I take offense to that Kristal, I think I was the only one standing at the SHS party and the other one you came to was a standing up kind of party! You can’t mingle if everyone is sitting down.
    I think I’ve had too many parties here now that I’ve missed the window of opportunity for a housewarming party???

  3. LOL – I stood for most of the SHS party, and I guess the other party was sort of a mingling things so lack of seating is acceptable and understandable.
    Nah, you can still have a housewarming party. You just had to throw other events first to gauge the interest in a house warming party šŸ˜›

  4. Yea, Ingrid was already doing her presentation when you guys got there so it was kind of hard to rearrange the people, sorry.
    I dunno about a housewarming. The last time I had one my life went for a complete $h!t afterwards so the idea kind of makes me break out in hives. The only way I’d maybe do it is if my friend in the building had hers at the same time and we made it multi-level and doubled our space. It’d be a standing party at any rate though šŸ˜›

  5. I’m only teasing so don’t worry about it šŸ˜›
    A two-level house warming party? I like the sound of that. That would be very interesting.
    Hm, hives are not good. We’ll think of something for you šŸ™‚

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