Still have both my eyes

I skipped my yoga class for the third week in a row.  So far, my vow to practice more yoga in 2008 is going very badly indeed. I don’t want to consider my bad attitude too much right now save to say, if I don’t do something about it soon I’ll find myself trapped on the next train back to Migraine Towne. 

"If I do something constructive tonight," I decided, "then skipping yoga won’t have been for naught."  Not like the past two weeks when I conked out "reading" on the couch before eight o’clock.  I concluded it was time to conquer the threading of the sewing machine.  I’ve only had this brand new machine since my birthday … in 2006.

I suppose most people have never read a sewing machine manual but if you had, you would find that after every four or five instructions, the manufacturer kindly reminds you that you can, and will, seriously injure yourself if you don’t get the bobbin wound and machine threaded correctly. My mother has shown me how to accomplish these two tasks about a million times over the course of my life and yet I have never retained the information.  It has always seemed so complicated, scary and potentially blinding that I have preferred to avoid the situation altogether. 

However, I couldn’t help but notice that this approach was failing to result in the addition of cute skirts and bags to my wardrobe or weird stuffed toys to my apartment.  So I dragged all the equipment out, plugged everything in and cracked open the manual.  I discovered that, despite the dire warnings, none of it was particularly difficult at all.  I did sit there puzzling, "Whaaaaaaat?" a couple of times, panicking that I should call someone who knew what was going on before I lost an eye or otherwise impaled myself but when I put the pressure foot down on my fabric (a summer skirt that I had cut out when I still lived in Hamilton for goodness sake) and began to sew, nothing flew off and landed in my eyeball. Overall, I felt pretty lame for not even trying for so long.

As for the skirt, I’m not as in love with the fabric as I was when I bought it (see, issues with items owned while I was married) but I managed to sew it up with minimal wonkiness and it seems as if it’s going to fit, so I’m pretty happy about it.  It still needs to be hemmed, but that’s a story for another day. 

What do you think?

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