Living Cartoon Profile

[Stolen from JPod.]

Name: Leslie Anna
Name(s) people actually use: Les, Lester, Kitty, Lark, Stephanie
Non-work e-names: Ceres, Lark, Levity
Preferred room temperature: 68F/20C
Favourite game: Pandora’s Box MUD circa late 1990s.
Preferred Simpsons character: Ralph Wiggum
Preferred karaoke song: None.
Reason for not having a preferred karaoke song: Would frankly rather jab a fork in her eye than sing karaoke.  Is, however, a great fan of others who sing karaoke.
Food group most prevalent within work cubicle: Hershey’s Hugs
Most disturbing trait: Freakish ability of finding other people’s ATM cards.  Has 2 random stranger’s bank cards in her wallet right now.  Hopes the freakish ability of finding bank cards is a precursor to developing the freakish ability of finding money on the ground.
Most creative thing ever done: Post marital break-down, arranged her new apartment in a perfectly self-representational [and awesome, if she does say so herself] way.  Was complete crap at decorating prior to this event.  Or maybe it was that one mosaic.
Does she consider herself normal?: Not really.

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