Thursday: End of Self-Imposed Exile at Home


put on snow boots in hall
meet cute new neighbour
step outside
find comforting song on ipod
resign self to slippery walk ahead
read for 15 minutes
get off train at st. andrew
everyone acts lost, even though we all get off here every goddamn day
walk through underground path
make peace sign at security camera
how many times am i on camera in an average day?
sea of black coats
suits dicking around on their rim devices
some girl who looks like she’s going to cry, probably works at a corporate law firm
some asshole all pissed off that some other asshole isn’t observing the ‘walk left/stand right’ rule of escalators
more suits, shaking hands
the hot guy who also works at the gap is sampling lattes or some shit
thanks, whipped cream before 8:30 seems a bit wrong
elevator up
death rays at ‘vip’ who presses the close button while the door is already closing
it’s not a ‘close faster’ button
flourescent lights
immediate exhaustion
beige walls
mark-up some docs
pretend to work (sort out end-of-week social calendar)
wonder if i’m going to get anything interesting to do
fake-laugh people who say, ‘i better not catch that cold …’
seeth internally
answer phone
why does minimize/maximize fix so many issues in word?
freak out some coworkers by smiling and/or saying hello
attend a mandatory training session
learn something, i guess
mundane tasks
chew gum to stay awake
nope, nothing interesting coming down today
think about that dress i like downstairs
elevator down
design route to subway to pass by dress
beam at security cameras
read for 15 minutes
find comforting song for walking
ice is melting
return to exile island
fulfilling activities: msn with new old friend, read, plot new projects
was 3 day self-imposed exile/"melt-down" symptom of chronic understimulation?

What do you think?

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