E : Eat, a Girl’s Gotta

Here’s the thing about dating: I think it is stupid, and I think I’m done.  Everyone thinks it’s some big milestone that I’ve gone on a couple of dates.  Maybe it is.  Anyway, it’s something.

Going out with complete strangers and talking crap with them is just CRAP.  The two dates I’ve gone on as a result of the speed dating event equal around 6 or 7 hours of my life that I could have been having conversations with people that I already know and love.  What I mean is, having a conversation that actually meant something to me.

And maybe having conversations with people I already know isn’t going to get me anywhere in terms of a "relationship" (not that I’m even entirely convinced I want one of those), but I don’t know that I feel like spending this amount of time on bullshit, surficial conversations.  These dates feel contrived and completely fucking unnatural.  This occurred to me after I went to see a friend immediately after the end of the second date, and had a really super! comfortable! fun! awesome! time!  It just seemed to draw a thick, black underline under how completely ridiculous the dates, both of them, had been.

The only real benefit I can see to this style of dating is the great dinners at a reasonable (ie. free) price.  And by great I mean the restaurants, not the company – but considering I hate to cook, that may not be such a bad reason to keep doing it.

What do you think?

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