I : Ink

006_2Tattoos tell stories.  This one talks alot.  I guess because we see each other so much.  It’s surprising how much a little bit of generic flash has to say.

It talks about:

Spring 2000 / how the tattoo guy didn’t want to apply the stencil the way I thought it should go, so the dragon would be facing upside right from my vantage point / how he eventually conceded / and said I, "took it like a man" / how I shuffled home from the tattoo place with my bandaged foot in cork-soled sandals and watched Survivor Borneo with Sharon.

Sometimes it talks about that time I saw Christian, the tattoo guy, at Velvet Underground but was too shy to say anything to him.  And sometimes it talks about how a couple years later, by complete fluke, Kevin would have that sun on his right bicep done by the same guy.

It marks the year I moved away from home; what mostly it talks about is beginning. I think I’m going to mark that other foot soon.   

What do you think?

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