J : Just To Let You Know

Any sentence beginning with, "Just to let you know …" really, really makes me bristle.  I almost can’t even listen to what follows it.  If I do, I’ll probably roll my eyes.  You just know it’s going to be some BS advice.

I met three of my best mates working at a chocolate shop that may or may not have been managed by my cousin’s wife.  Okay, it was, but it was a big secret at the time.  You know, nepotism and all that. 

I’m going to give our manager – we’ll call her Juanita – the benefit of the doubt and say, she, the absolutely chronic deliverer of "Just to let you know …" thought it was a chummy way to administer "constructive criticism."  In reality, it was a great way to prevent us from giving a care about whatever she was about to complain about.

To illustrate the usage of "Just to let you know …" please see the following classic examples:

Just to let you know, that shirt is actually cream, not white, and I could send you home to change it.

Just to let you know, your scoops are WAY too big.  You should weigh them.

Just to let you know, you’ve had a bad attitude lately, so I’ve decided not to give you that promotion.  But I’ll need you to train the new girl since you already know how to do everything.

I guess if, "Just to let you know …" had ever ended with something such as, "you’re awesome!" or, "you did a great job!" that phrase wouldn’t be so fucking annoying to me.  However, it wouldn’t have been the great bonding catalyst that it became for us either.  Instead, to this day, saying "Just to let you know …" to each other is one of our (or at least my) favourite ways of being either a smartypants, bitch, or a smartypants bitch with these girls.

I possibly have to conclude that I should be thanking Juanita for providing us with the phrase always guaranteed to make us die laughing when someone busts it out.

Just to let you know, that is so not how I thought that story was going to turn out.

2 thoughts on “J : Just To Let You Know

  1. Did “Juanita” (LOL) treat you like a mole, wanting to know what everyone was saying about her to you, her secret “cousin-in-law”??

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